Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is the story of Mulan Jameela Video Clips

JAKARTA-The series of stories on a video clip of Mulan Jameela Abracadabra singles told the label.

Erika, as the producer of the Arka Music provides leak storyline in a video clip of Mulan is a planned release in mid-April, this.

"The concept itself-style animation Aladdin, Mulan is portrayed as a Middle Eastern princess elegant and beautiful," said Erika told reporters in Jakarta on Thursday (04/07/2011).

When the process of editing the clip, go Erika, Mulan also witnessed it.

"Now you can see the pieces of clip so, Mulan assisted rap band from the RCM, The Law. Since it is fresh, it is the desire Mas Dhani, Mulan animated was impressed elegant, girly, middle eastern style, many of the jinn, mystique, "said Erika.

When asked why Ahmad Dhani make this concept, said Erika, she did not quite understand, why Ahmad Dhani to have such an idea.

"I actually do not really know why the concept of animation is made​​, more details to the Mas Dhani asked deh, but this is very innovative, more fresh," said Erika. (tom)

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