Thursday, April 7, 2011

Magdalena Want blackouts Melinda Dee Impressions

JAKARTA - Since breaking into Citibank, Melinda Dee suddenly famous names like celebrity. Magdalena joked he wanted to follow in the footsteps of women was 47 years.

"Incredibly, the public were stunned by ulahnya. New unfolding now. I really regret and shock at all. What follow-up, yes," said Magdalena accompanied by laughter, met in FX, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Thursday (04/07/2011).

For credit card users, Magdalena fraud committed sad to see women with real names Inong Melinda.

"It is very terselebung, beautiful, but very dangerous. For credit card users should be careful in their use," said artist has ever been named as the sexiest women 100 FHM version of it.

By reducing anxiety, Magdalene is now becoming more careful in the use of credit cards.

"There is a sense of fear. Now we have to be smart only. Do not be easily subject to seduction. Nah in all banks would happen like that," he said. (ang)

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