Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jennifer Lopez

Why is She famous

Jennifer Lopez is the multifaceted entertainment dynamo who is best-known for her seasoned dance skills as an In Living Color "Fly Girl," successful singing career from tracks like "If You Had My Love" and "Jenny From the Block" and a respectable film career that's included roles in Selena, Out of Sight, The Cell, and The Back-Up Plan. There's also the famous matter of her billion-dollar booty.

While J.Lo (as she prefers not to be called anymore) has shown staying power in an industry that prefers overnight success to long-term success, the disaster of Bennifer and a little bomb called
Gigli almost ruined it for her. With the release of her seventh studio album, Love?, and a collaboration with Will Smith that is sure to be sentimental to audiences, Jennifer Lopez remains a triple threat in film, music and bootyliciousness, which pop culture continues to embrace.   

Jennifer Lopez Quote

" I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge."
92 Sex Appeal

Like a fine wine, Jennifer Lopez seems to get curvier and better with age. With the most famous rear curves in show business, she's a living example of the "back" that Sir Mix-A-Lot used to rave about and she's made it more than cool (and actually red hot) for women to have splendid junk in the trunk. The only woman so far to top the list of FHM's "100 Sexiest Women" on two different occasions, Lopez is still the most recognizable and most worshiped Latin American celebrity on the planet, whether she's walking toward you or walking away.

In the arena of celebrity relationships, Jennifer Lopez is right up there with classic dame Elizabeth Taylor when it comes to love, marriage and drama. After a brief marriage to Miami waiter Ojani Noa that ended in 1998, Lopez hooked up with Sean Combs, only to get mixed up in a nightclub shooting and subsequent criminal trial.

The marriage bolt struck again between Jennifer Lopez and one of her dancers, Cris Judd, but that, too, ended in failure, which led her into the arms of Ben Affleck and one of the most talked-about celebrity relationships -- "Bennifer." A relationship that promised marriage and ended in heartbreak, it was a coupling that put a serious dent into both of their respective careers (Gigli anyone?) until they broke up and the media frenzy moved on to "Brangelina." Now married with children to singer Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez appears to have settled down for good… maybe. 

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