Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taylor Swift insisted not Want Nude

Create Taylor Swift image is a decision. He did not want me-too trend or let other people dictate the image itself. Because it had always been adept at country singer who played guitar, piano, banjo, and ukulele was never willing to be photographed nude for the magazine. I do not know how many times a person to persuade him but the decision remains the same. Taylor Swift will not naked!
"It's about decisions in life. I love wearing a beautiful dress and I also love trying new styles of dress but I never felt comfortable removing my clothes," said Taylor Swift as quoted from Splash News. Presumably he felt was not him and so he always refused though it may offer nude for the magazine will raise its popularity.

"In real life I do not want to wear minimal clothing so it does not need me too I wear minimal clothes in photo shoots," she added in an interview with Stella magazine published in the UK. Not to be naked does not mean no one who offered photographed without clothes even though so far the owner's full name Alisson Taylor Swift has always refused. Perhaps out of boredom, eventually the people would not ever again offer a photocall with no clothes. (SPL / rock)

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