Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Beautiful, Magdalena Ogah Operations such as MD

JAKARTA - In response to the case of Melinda Dee, Magdalena has a record to be grateful. He thanked God who had given him a pretty face.
Touched would Magdalena joined Melinda Dee for surgery, he joked where to get the money. "Grateful to the face of baseball was so bad the same God. And like this, so baseball operations have everything, "she said laughing when found in the FX Senayan, Jakarta, recently.

Presenter / advertising model is also proud to say that he is not less sexy than Melinda Dee. He sure has benefits that are not owned by the original woman named Malinda Inong it.

"Sexy? Enggaklah. Everyone has the advantages of each. Failure by this hour so thankful. It's not how well, "selorohnya.

According to Magdalena, sexy part of her is the eyes and nose. In fact according to him, most people's eyes narrow a bit of Chinese descent.

"But my eyes baseball, even slightly belo bit, keep the nose pointed rada," proud.

Previously, Magdalena was surprised when he heard his partner should be dragged Andhika Gumilang burglary problem Citibank customer funds worth Rp17 billion. The reason, Melinda Dee was never acknowledged as his wife Andhika. Recognition was heard directly from the mouth Andhika Magdalene, when they were both involved shooting together. (nov)

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