Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Profile and Photos of Sexy Cora , Died After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Sexy Cora died. Intention to enlarge the breasts, this German porn star instead died after surgery. Cora died in a very young age, 23 years old. Sexy girl was born May 2, 1987 of complications after breast augmentation surgery.

Artist’s full name is Carolin Ebert underwent surgery at Clinic Alster, Hamburg, Germany, in early January 2011. At operation, Cora suddenly had a heart attack. She then coma.
After struggling to stay alive, winner of the Venus Award 2010 category Best German adult movie actress that died on January 20, 2011, nine days after surgery. Two of the surgeon who performed the operation now faces murder charges for negligence.
“The damage was severe brain. His blood pressure also decreased continue. Her body was not functioning. She sleeps in peace,” said Cora’s husband who disitat Aceshowbiz, Monday, January 24, 2011.
That’s not the first time Cora had breast surgery (enlarge breast). He recorded nine times perform similar operations.
During his life, Cora had made headlines in 2009, because it would break the record of oral sex. He intends to perform oral sex on 200 men in 24 hours. But the new mengoral 75 men, Cora was rushed to the hospital.

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