Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally, First Brigadier Norman Talk Video Upload

GORONTALO-time First Brigadier Norman testified several times pleaded not know who uploaded her own unique video. So who upload the video first?
He is Reinald Rievaldy, engineering student, State University of Gorontalo. He admitted the first person to upload a video first action First Brigadier Norman Indian dancing to youtube.

Reinald explain first got the video from his facebook account named Ade Mahmud. After seeing it, attracted to Reinald admitted Brimob the hilarious action.

He also did not expect the video which diunggahnya on 3 April 2011 and then, explode and get extensive attention in the virtual world and the people of Indonesia.

Due ulahnya, First Brigadier Norman almost hit by sanctions from its unity. However much support for the single Gorontalo, the police eventually fail to provide sanctions.

Until now, the video titled "Police Gorontalo craze" has been viewed more than one million people. Meanwhile, Reinald also claims to be ready if one day he will turn to a description by the police.
(Zainal Ahmad / RCTI / back)

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