Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Evanescence 'very excited' about entering the studio

Amy Lee beams about heading into the studio to create the long-awaited third Evanescence album.

It has been five years since Lee and Evanescence released their second album, the massive smash The Open Door, selling over 5 million copies via a polished mix of emo metal and ivory-tinkling.
Now Lee and guitarist Terry Balsam, and new members Tim McCord (on bass) and Will Hunt (on drums), have just entered the studio to record the follow-up.

Lee said in a press release: 'We can't wait to show everyone what we've been working on! We've written more than an album of songs. We've been finding ourselves, reinventing our sound, experimenting with things we've never done before and at the same time embracing the things we love most about Evanescence.

'This journey has made us the strongest we've ever been as a band, and I am in love with the music. Nick Rasculinecz is the perfect fit for this record and we are all very excited to get into the studio together.'

Rasculinecz is at the producing helm (replacing Boy and War producer Steve Lillywhite). He has previously worked on albums by Foo Fighters, Stone Sour, Deftones and Alice In Chains.

Their label hasn't specified a release date, but September this year has been mooted in the past.

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