Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Courtney Love sells her clothes on eBay

Courtney Love has set up an eBay store to sell her old clothes ' worn and 'as-new'.

Things must be getting a little tight, financially, at the Love household following her recent anti-fashion designer twitter tirade costing her almost half a million dollars in damages.
So what is the logical course of action? Sell your clothes on eBay!

Love has set up an eBay store called Courtney Love Couture, where she is flogging off skirts, jackets and dresses.

They are specified as either being 'WORN' or 'OWNED' by Love, although we are unsure which designation would make the items more valuable.

There are only five items up for grabs at the moment ' two silk dresses (one which saw after party action following the premiere of Henry's Crime mere weeks ago), a Baby Doll dress, a long leather jacket and a 'metallic' skirt.

Remember: it's advisable to have second-hand clothes dry-cleaned before wear!

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