Monday, April 11, 2011

Does Kelly Osbourne Want Weight Loss Surgery?

Hot on the Web Right Now: Kelly Osbourne is hoping a revolutionary weight loss surgery will help her maintain her newfound petiteness, according to reports from across the pond.

The once pleasingly-plump rock princess has been raiding the racks of the Junior’s Department at Macy’s ever since her almost victorious turn on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars worked wonders on her waistline a couple of seasons ago. Pals, however, say Kelly’s been concerned that she’s just a few donuts away from doubling as a contestant on The Biggest Loser since she snagged the job as the face of Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line earlier this year.
“Kel’s at her wit’s end over her weight and is worried she’s putting back all the pounds she fought so hard to lose,” a spy-type yapped to London’s Daily Star on Sunday.
The trouble started when Osbourne returned to her home in Los Angeles after a recent vacation and “realized she couldn’t fit into her new clothes.”
“Kelly knows a gastric band would be drastic, but she’s desperate to keep the weight off,” the snoop adds. “Being the face of Madonna’s range just adds more pressure. She’s scared of getting axed in favor of someone skinny if she puts on more weight.”
No offense, Kelly, but no doctor in their right mind is going to give your tiny little tummy a gastric band.

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