Saturday, April 9, 2011

Proud Shrek Shown stage with Will Smith

JAKARTA-Some time ago Sherwood went to Hong Kong to join the show 'Love Beyond Borders Artistes 311 Organizing Committee' which helps victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

It is a pride, the article Shrek is the only Indonesian musicians who perform in Hong Kong's Victoria Park. How he felt after playing there and a stage with Will Smith?

"proud suddenly given a chance really, given the opportunity to voice what was I to Japanese hearts. I pursued baseball in popularity but was really to express what I have hearts and convey a message to the victims of the disaster, "said Sherwood when talking with reporters in the Area Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (8/4/2011).

Sherwood also share the experience of singing when there are colored compassion. There Sherwood just bring a song called Here To Stay which was taken from her album, Prima Donna, but her positive message to be conveyed to all the spectators who come can be achieved.

"I see tremendous sympathy there, and I can resist tears baseball. I am grateful to those who had brought me there and given that opportunity, "said Sherwood.

In the event 'Artistes 311 Organizing Committee Love Beyond Borders' there are about 311 artists from different countries and they all unite to send a positive message to the world, particularly Japan on April 1, yesterday. (UKy)

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