Monday, April 4, 2011

Mulan Jameela It Create Clips 'Abracadabra'?

Mulan Jameela JAKARTA0 getting re-released the album later this month. Dead Love hitmaker is rumored to start filming and even then the first singles entitled Abracadabra.
"Yesterday I heard again the heck filming baseball far from here. I baseball know what's shooting. But it does seem to shoot a video clip," said one neighbor said to Okezone Mulan in the area of ​​Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Monday (04/04/2011) .

He added, in addition held a shooting, a number of crew Republic Cinta Management (RCM) also held a thanksgiving ceremony. The event was held as a thanksgiving ceremony seemed a sign of gratitude Mulan return to music after a long vanished world.

"Yesterday does not long event. But I do not know what event. But there are tart like the show salvation is so. I think the same shooting unison," duganya.

Unfortunately, when about to be confirmed Related truth began the filming Abracadabra Mulan, Mulan management nothing could be contacted.

As is known, Mulan Jameela getting re-released the album after the vacuum due to pregnancy. Hits single called Abracadabra chosen as singles champion from the album to be released on April 30 next and is scheduled broadcast live by the station RCTI. (tom)

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