Monday, April 4, 2011

Comments Ariel Problem Piterband

JAKARTA-The emergence of a dibidani Piterband by Charly ST12 reap the reaction from many quarters including from Peterpan own personnel.
Reza, the drummer Peterpan example, consider Piterband as a band that is not creative. But he also thinks for a work that is fine, and recommend not to copy Peter impose all-out, said Reza, better be a parody band only.

However, Ariel seems to respond to others, he felt that the contents Piterband by 2 personnel Arul (vocals) and Faruk (bass) with the single There There ajah-Way, said Ariel, just funny-persiflage projects only.

Ariel comment about Piterband known after Luna Maya singing on his Twitter account. This afternoon, the singer of Let, it, after visiting her boyfriend, Ariel, in Rutan Kebon Waru, Bandung.

Luna writes, "had been met Ariel, she laughed Piterband respond, he says it's okay to make funny-persiflage course, there are not to be angry ... So, he also hopes to find a just entertainment."

Wise sayings Ariel seems to muffle the fan of Peter who does not like the appearance of Piterband, because of suspected too dimirip-miripkan with his idol's.

Like the Test, one of the Friends of Peter who contacted JAKARTA, Monday (4 / 4) afternoon. He said, the reaction of the Sahaba Peterpan many are pursuing a tone of disappointment.

"Sahabat Peterpan to contact me all, there are angry and some say 'Bang Charly, Ariel is irreplaceable!' It's really crowded loh on Twitter, they're all on notice, " said Test.

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