Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Melinda Dee Bigger, Jupe Heart

JAKARTA - The sexiness suspect breaker credit card, MelindaDee seized the attention of many people. One of them, artist JuliaPerez who was incontestably the sexiness Melinda.

"I was curious, too. When I first saw him, I was surprised too, thatthe basin huh? Hurt me, he brought sex bomb sort of Rp17 billion.Moreover, there's something bigger than me,"joked Jupe in theanniversary events Strikes to 3 on RCTI Studio, Jakarta,Wednesday (04/06/2011).

Even so, Jupe did not want to envy with Melinda sexiness.Because according to the singer's Belah Duren, he was not thetype of person who always jealous of other female sexiness.

"But baseball I feel envious, too. Because I'm not the type to bemore sexy, beautiful, or more big his thing (breast). Take your time, if that provision, where baseball," he said.

When asked about the crimes of Melinda Dee, lover GastonCastano had become more cautious use of credit cards.Moreover, the artist who is at odds with Dewi Persik was notwilling to lose money just like that for no apparent reason.

"Seeing the incident, I became more cautious as a credit card.Indeed when dealing banking problems in Indonesia should look.We have to check their spending completely. Kan unfortunately wework tired-tired, but the result is taken," he explained. (nov)

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