Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Husband Mariah Carey Regrets Nude Photos

LOS ANGELES - Repentance never comes first. Nick Cannonregret ever shared nude photos husband wife Mariah Carey.

In a radio show Rollin 'with Nick Cannon, the man who wouldbecome my father said that the shooting was a genius idea. He and Mariah plans to display the photos in their homes.

"My children have to look at these photos. It's a little weird," saidCannon who told Hollyscoop, Wednesday (04/06/2011).

Singers rappers do not know why this crazy idea that can suddenlyappear on his mind. And Nick made ​​a little regret that nude photos.

"When the bigger kids and their friends come, they will see apicture and say, 'That's your father with no clothes'​​. Finally, Irealized not want everyone to see," he said.

"Well, it's a little disgusting. Did you ever see your parentsnaked?" lid accompanied by a smile. (ang)

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