Saturday, April 2, 2011

Henry Cavill Says His Superman 'Going To Be Different'

When Henry Cavill was cast as Superman for Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the beloved superhero, the actor was not only going to have to fly high as the Man of Steel, but balance a tough high-wire act as well.
MTV News caught up with Cavill at this weekend's WonderCon, the San Francisco comic and arts convention where he was promoting his latest effort, a Greek mythology action-adventure film called "Immortals." In his first on-camera interview since being cast as Superman, Cavill discussed why it's so important to stick to the Man of Steel fans know and love, all while giving it a fresh, new take. 

He said he has read the script and revealed that, in addition to staying "true to the source material," it's "basically just a re-imagining and a modernization of an iconic character."
Still, will Cavill — who will co-star with Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane in the eagerly anticipated film, tentatively titled "Superman: Man of Steel" — stray far enough away from the Superman that Christopher Reeve, and later, Brandon Routh, brought to life on the big screen to make it his own without polarizing its devotees?
"That's tough to say; it's very early days yet," the 27-year-old actor acknowledged. "Superman is Superman, after all. There's only so much of a change you can make to that."
As Cavill, finally, diplomatically, put it, "It's going to be different, but not so different that it's unrecognizable." He then concluded with a laugh,"How's that for an answer?"
But, it seems no matter what his approach to the material might be, plenty of people involved with the project, and those in the industry, have his back.
Snyder spoke highly of his leading man, telling MTV News that in addition to the look and physicality required for the role, "I think Henry just has this innocence, too. He has both, which is tricky."
In February, Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan said at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, "I think Henry is going to be amazing."

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