Saturday, April 2, 2011

Drummer left, KOTAK Stay Optimistic

Band KOTAK Group remains optimistic despite claims to be left Posan (drummer). Now in each KOTAK using additional player appearances. Tanti-member band (Vocals), Chua (Bass) and Cella (guitar), admits not interested to find a replacement Posan. "For now the three of us first, because it takes a long time adjustments," said Cella. The band hits with the song 'Slow Jiwa' that any decision to give up Posan. "He resigned because of his own choice and take care of the band that diproduserinya. Posan remain hearts Grid, "said Chua. Tanti added, Posan still will receive royalties from the income derived by KOTAK. "Posan entitled to royalties because he's got a big contribution in this album," he concluded.

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