Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Hair Styles 2011

There is no right or wrong to hairstyles this year but there is a rule of thumb to follow…and that is selecting a hairstyle that is complimentary to your gown and to your face.
This year’s hairstyles include both short and long hair. There is plenty of time before the wedding to play around with your hair a bit so start in advance to have the perfect style for the big day.
This year the colors are bright and bold. There is pure elegance in weddings of 2010. With the many additions of colors in the bride dresses, the bride has even more selection of style with her hair. This gives the bride a chance to play around with the color of her hair a bit. For instance if you choose a dress that is accented with teal then a shade of copper for your hair may be absolutely stunning.
Style is important as well. Should you wear your hair up or down, add flowers or beautiful hairpieces, or should you have a veil? If you are wearing a veil then you will want your hair style to work with your veil. The best advice here is to take your veil to your hairstylist a few months before the wedding and work with them on different ideas.
To ensure that you have the best style for you, take several photographs of styels that you like and take them to your stylist. Bring a friend or ask the stylist to take a picture of you so that you can “capture” what you look like in the style.
Another trend for 2010 is long hair jewelry, which looks absolutely beautiful. Again, take the jewelry to your hairstylist and have them play around with it with different styles.
Another consideration of the big day, is your attendants. By all means, do not forget to discuss hairstyles with them. It is very important that the attendants are properly accentuated as well, and that they look as wonderful as they possibly can. If you have an attendant in the wedding party that is known for “quick and natural” doos, then you just might want to take her with you to your stylist. This is your big day, and everything needs to be perfect, including the wedding party. Good luck and remember to experiment. Normally, there are months prior to the wedding, which leaves plenty of time to find the best hairstyle for you.

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