Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey Killjoys, Get Your Own My Chemical Romance Jacket!

You know those really awesome (beautifully-tailored) jackets that looked like they're from the future and/or a really expensive European store (same thing) in the My Chemical Romance video for "Sing"? Well, Killjoys, now you can get your hands on your very own. And it's not even Christmastime or another major retail shopping period!
The jackets were designed by MCR frontman Gerard Way and inspired by the same ones that the boys wore in the promo material for Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. "We looked so good in the jackets that we wanted to spread the love," said My Chemical Romance. JK, they didn't say that.
The coolest thing about My Chemical Romance making their own jackets (besides My Chemical Romance making their own jackets) is that they don't look like "merch." "My Chemical Romance" isn't splattered all over the sleeves or anything -- they're just cool jackets that happen to be a kind of quiet homage to the group, which by the way, is working on a charity version of "Sing," which will proceed the relief efforts in Japan.
Check out the "Sing"-inspired jackets below and head to My Chemical Romance's website for more info.

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