Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Makeup Looks From Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Vid (Peep The Fan Copycats)!

Katy Perry’s upcoming music video for "E.T." features some seriously futuristic and fantastic makeup. The pop star JUST posted NEW photos of some of the alien-esque looks—a bronze spotty creation and a red eye masked number—on her Facebook page, where you have to go immediately to check out the incredible NAILS she's got going on, too.

Meanwhile, she encouraged her fans to try and re-create the blue and pink masterpiece that she leaked last week and that reallyreallyreally reminds us of Avatar's Neytiri. We aren't surprised that KP's loyal legion of followers would copycat the looks, whether at her behest or not. But what shocked us was how freakin' good these average Janes' makeup game turned out to be. GEESH...and here we are struggling to make a straight line with liquid eyeliner, and are maybe way too lazy NOT to just cop the cutout Katy Perry mask. Anyways, the one thing we CAN DO is cast judgment on the creations of others, so check out some of our fave masterpieces below. And if you think you can do better, prove it here.
WINNERS: From the nearly-identical forehead patterns, to the blue-green eyes (real? contacts?), these girls MUST be professional makeup artists. If they aren't, they need to go ahead and switch careers.
RUNNERS-UP: ALMOST. OK, so these girls get an 'E' for effort. The colors are on point, but the eyelines and hairlines are a little unfinished/crooked, and the forehead designs aren't quite faithful to the original.
MOST CREATIVE RENDITION FROM THE ORIGINAL: These looks have little to do with Katy Perry's actual music video steez, but that's what makes them kinda awesome? From yellow flower vines, chest/shoulder/neck paint and spotty hairlines, these freestylers said eff it and interpreted the alien look to their own liking.

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