Sunday, March 27, 2011

World celebrity Heart in Early 2011

VIVAnews - Romance of the celebrity world is always eagerly awaited. However, not all these celebrity couples relationship running smoothly.In fact, some couples have to face the bitter truth. The story of her love could no longer be maintained. Who are they?
1. Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas
Interwoven love this young couple did not run smoothly. Their love affair ended last week. The bustle and crowded work schedule was allegedly the cause of this couple chose to terminate the relationship.
The love relationship that has been running nearly two years is only a distant memory. No more holding of hands that they usually showed in public when together.
2. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel
After a relationship for four years and had dropped out continued, eventually the couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel decided to go on their own. They broke in early March.
Not explained exactly when and what causes these lovebirds end the relationship. However, representatives of these two artists said they broke in nicely and still maintain friendships.
3. Ashley Olsen & Justin Bartha
Breakup also felt artist Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha. Their relationship ended in March 2011.
Mary Kate-Olsen twins should return the status of singles after two years to establish in love with the man. The news break this pair is very surprising because previous rumors had circulated about their wedding plans.
4. Ashlee Simpon & Pete Wentz
This couple is no longer broken. However, both agreed to end their marriage with a divorce. At first, they divorced in fine.However, in the middle of the process of divorce the two people who once loved each other are mutually noisy because custody fight their only child.
And both are also increasingly tenuous relationship since Ashlee Wentz know in a relationship with her best friend, fellow musician.He was very surprised to get the news.
5. Sienna Miller & Jude Law
The couple was famous for its love affair that was always breaking number. Having had time to show off their romance, Miller and Jude Law has finally announced a matter of parting in the second week in February.
In fact, this couple had previously said the seriousness and thought to continue to pursue that relationship marriage.

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