Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow! Reception Dresses Price Marshanda Rp. 150.000.000

JAKARTA - Artist Marshanda pretty willing to spend Rp150 million to order clothes at the reception later. Wow!
 "Kebaya modern Muslim, wear songket, no tail, and two meter balloon. One shirt Rp150 million for the reception," said Riny Swardy Marshanda as a fashion designer when found in its boutique in the Lower Dam V, Central Jakarta, Monday (03/28/2011 .)

Naturally, if the reception of women who dress Chacha is familiarly called, are very expensive. Because the dress is met by swarosky or similar rock crystal.

"Chacha reception dress filled with a mix of modern classics. Baju full swakl lis france, sequin swarowski, seven focus gown ceremony, there are 10 1500 1400 gross imports," he said.

Riny would not only make clothes for Ben Kasyafani lover is, but for the families of both parties were also made​​.

"I also make clothes for a family of approximately 10 people over to reception, gold mixed burgendy. Akad gray greenish purple pink lace," he concluded. (nov)

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