Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marriage, Pasha Changed Skin Color

VIVAnews - On his second marriage to be held next March 27, 2011, there will be a change of appearance Pasha. Skin former Okie Agustina's husband, will be made slightly darker.
 "Pasha's skin color will be lowered one tone for the wedding later, so better when photographed," said Gusnaldi, wedding makeup for the Pasha and Adelia.

Then, the bride's hairdo, Adeline Wilhelmina, will be Victorian. Hairdo that seemed inspired by the classic style of the Queen of England. "It took about 45 minutes to dismantle the hairdo from the ceremony to the reception," said Gusnaldi.

Designer wedding dresses Pasha, Ferry Sunarto, revealed that the couple had a wedding dress complete. Perpadun silver-colored dress and the purple has also been adjusted for Pasha and Adelia comfortable when wearing it.

"For the dress, the addition and reduction is a natural thing. It also tested how when will they sit, walk, mingle, would not the occasion where the Pasha singing, so in terms of his back also have to look comfortable," said Ferry Sunarto in shop, street Ciniru VI, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday, March 24, 2011.

Pasha who sat between Gusnaldi and Ferry refer the matter to the design and makeup entirely on them. Towards the wedding, Pasha did not want to give a damn anymore. "I leave it entirely, because I also do not understand the languages ​​of design, I also do not want something that is excessive, wants it all fit," says vocalist 'Purple' is.

On that occasion Pasha also got a gift in the form of miniature himself and Adeline from the designer. The shape of a pair of miniature Barbie doll wearing a wedding dress similar to the dress Pasha and Adelia.

"Gift This will be my special shelf in place, the room may be yes. So you see and hold every day, let me continue like newlyweds," said Pasha. (adi)

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