Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LOL VIDEO: Justin Bieber And Slipknot Make A 'Psychosocial Baby'

Can you imagine terrifying prog-metal outfit Slipknot and adorbs teen heartthrob Justin Bieber on the same stage, no less in the same room? We can just picture it now: the masked terrifiers sitting behind The Biebs in a green room somewhere, Shawn Crahan (AKA cLWON) obnoxiously flicking Bieber's pretty little earlobe over and over, just waiting for the handsome, barely-legal crooner to finally turn around and be like, "Hey, knock it off, guys!" (But Justin would never turn around and give in. That's just not in the Swagger Handbook.)
OK, so they may not be teaming up for a collaboration anytime too soon, but a YouTube user decided it was high time to combine Slipknot's "Psychosocial" with Justin Bieber's "Baby" for a mashup that inexplicably works! Sure, it may leave Slipknot fans sick to their stomach to hear those deliciously melodic chords and Justin's dulcet tones. And it may scare off the Bieber fans who will involuntarily wince every time they hear the thrashing electric guitar or the lead singer's guttural screams, but, hey, mashups don't discriminate. Listen without prejudice.

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