Monday, March 28, 2011

Nikita Willy most expensive in the country?

JAKARTA - After winning the award Panasonic Global Awards (PGA) with the best actress category this year, a beautiful artist Nikita Willy is rumored to be the most expensive artists in the country for now.

"I know because that ngurusin baseball mama yah. He who knows, "said Nikita Willy met in the shower soap opera" Princess in exchange "at Studio Persari, Ciganjur, South Jakarta, on Saturday (26/03/2011).

Women born June 29, 1994 was never dreamed of getting an award as best actress. She just surrender to the divine to be the best course.

"I never dreamed of baseball's okay, because baseball is sleeping, that is rarely sleep. Yes, I'm still running it, same as an existing one, it already exists promo too. Yes, hand wrote the same God and ultimately win, "he said.

Nikita effort and hard work led to good results, although willing to sleep five hours a day. But it was the consequences that must be lived as an actress, but she sure did not forget about school.

"For school work done on the set," he said.

He admitted that he got the trophy will make the woman who became known through the soap opera "dime novel" was a reference to be better than now.

"Everyone must have the best target for doing something. But definitely, I'm satisfied with baseball that already exists. Baseball may be arrogant as well and certainly, this trophy will be on display at home and used as 'support' to get rid of tired of all this, "he concluded.

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