Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Up-Do’s and Down-Do’s Hairstyle

It is crucial that a bride look her best on her wedding day. In addition to the stress of pulling off the aesthetics of your wedding, you also have to choose the perfect wedding outfit. Everything must be perfect when it comes to her dress so why not have perfect hair to match?
We women love our hair. It is our crowning glory and we love to embellish it to tie in with our outfits and moods. Wedding hair should be no different. However, to avoid unruly hair you must be careful about your choice in styles.
Mood and matching are not the only things to worry about with wedding hair. It is important that you also take into consideration the style of your dress, your hair color and your hair type. Ignoring these steps can lead to a hair disaster so make sure you are thoroughly prepared before making your decision.
Firstly, your hair must match the style and presentation of your wedding dress. A French twist style would not really go with a medieval type gown. Likewise, wearing your hair down would not properly go with a thin strapped or strapless bodice.
A bride should also consider the accessories that she wants when choosing any particular hair style. Because a beautiful netted hair accessory is designed for hair that is pulled up, it would not work very well if your hair was left down. Just as dangly earrings might work better with hair that is left free to flow around the shoulders than a tighter up-do.
Possibly the most important aspect of your wedding hair should be the health and condition of it. What good are all those accessories if your hair doesn’t shine on its own? Accessories and beautiful styles are supposed to enhance what is already natural for the bride.
It is critical that you start maintaining the health of your hair months before your wedding is set to happen. The easiest way to give life and health to your hair is to start a regiment of conditioning. You can experiment with different types and styles of conditioners but it is imperative that you start while your wedding is still a long way off. It will do little to no good if a bride should want to begin her hair conditioning process on the night just before your wedding is set.

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