Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple Breathing Techniques for Singing

One of the most important features of the singing breathing techniques is AIR. The singers should know how to control how they breathe or else they will become fatigued fast and as a result their singing will be hindered. The exercises produce results immediately and you will improve your performance permanently if you practice these techniques daily. I have not yet come across a singer, despite the style they use, who was not able to make an immediate improvement by following these breathing exercises.
Many people in the course of their lives inhale to the upper lungs in such a way that the chest and shoulders go up. When air is in the upper lungs, you lack the detailed control that is required. A singer, runner, swimmer or any person who is in need of controlling their air, needs to make sure that their lower lungs is filled. According to singing breathing techniques, rather than a vertical breath with the body upwardly expanding, your breath should be horizontal with an outward expansion.
One of the singing breathing techniques you need to be aware of when you are on the microphone is that the abdomen should be kept tight (picture yourself with a piano and you are going to lift it), your throat should be relaxed (as though you are yawning), letting the movement of enough air. In case you require higher notes you can get these with more air and not squeezing the neck muscles (a mistake commonly made by singers who run out of breath way before they are ready to call it quits. You can experiment this by imagining yourself seeing a friend of yours across any busy street and you want to get his or her attention. Shout out “hey” You will notice that you are able to do this when relaxed with plenty of air. This is how notes that are on the edge should be hit; a relaxed throat and air being pushed out using the abdomen.
One final comment: though you may or may not believe it, TALKING strains your voice more than SINGING does (if the singing is being done right). As a matter of fact, Broadway singers have signed a contract that they will not say a single word on the day the show is scheduled until the end of the performance. So if you are interested in being a successful and professional singer, you have to apply the singing breathing techniques; that is know how to focus, shut up and then sing!
After putting air in its right place, you need to know how to control it using the diaphragm. A diaphragm is a type of muscle that is found below the lungs and plays the major role of filling and emptying the lungs. When you exhale all the air from the lungs you will be able to feel the diaphragm below the rib cage being pushed up against the lungs. Outside the ribs you will feel the abdominal wall being pushed in, whereas inside the ribs the diaphragm is being pushed up. The diaphragm is not only supposed to be strong so that it is able to push hard if you want plenty of power, it also needs to have strength and control  if you are singing an accurate and fast lick or a great jump in pitch or very quietly. Building the diaphragm’s control and strength is one of the initial singing breathing techniques you have to learn.

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