Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Steps on How to Sing in Mixed Voice

If you search the internet, you’ll find a lot of terms related to singing, informing people about the way to sing correctly and how to sing in mixed voice.  Since there may be some people who are not aware about the definition of the term mixed voice, you’ll find it in reading this article.  Mixed voice refers to the combination of chest voice and head voice, which is considered as a strong and subtle aspect of singing.

In this process, proper techniques are utilized that includes correct usage of the vocal chord, breath control and proper posture.  If you want to learn singing in mixed voice, you should know first what chest and head voices mean.  In chest voice, tenors sing using almost their entire body to reach the notes.  In rendering the notes, they make use of their lungs, diaphragm, as well as their legs and arms.
Head voice differs greatly with chest voice in the sense that you can use it even while you are seated or lying down.  If you want to learn how to sing in mixed voice, you should have the ability to use both of these voices instantly.  Most of pop singers use this kind of voice including Britney Spears who is categorized as a head voice singer.  By using mixed voice, pop singers are able to perform on stage with great power and a big voice.
To enable you to sing in front of a huge crowd together with a loud band, you should be able to perform well with a mixed voice so that you’ll have stage confidence and at the same time, the audience can hear you.  Here are some of the steps on how to sing in mixed voice.  First, is learning to sing at top and below your vocal range using several scale exercises.
Take note what types of notes you are singing with the use of your lower voice or chest, and which ones do you sing through your head voice.  Second is identifying your vocal bridge.  These are the notes that make it difficult for you to sing in a relaxed manner coming from the head voice or chest.  Third, make a trial with different vocal activities by singing the notes within your bridge range.  Try singing each note on various vowel sounds.
Fourth step on how to sing in mixed voice is vocalizing the vowel sounds that create the resonance in the bridge zone.  Find the range of your middle voice by singing the notes of the range chest out, and focused more into your face.  Move the placement for higher notes coming from the head voice towards your mouth.  Good resonance is achieved by the correct placement of your middle voice.
Fifth and last method in using mixed voice in singing is through adding of words in the music sound that you’re trying to create, and integrate them into full melody.  These methods on how to sing in mixed voice are what most music mentors recommend to singers whether beginners or professional.
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