Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Selena Gomez Not Into Justin Bieber's Facial Hair

Justin Bieber may understand Selena Gomez, but she doesn't understand his need to grow out his facial hair. 
"I actually don’t [encourage the facial hair]," Selena said on Sirius XM’s radio show The Morning Mash Up when asked her feelings on her boy's pledge to grow out his facial hair. "Of course I did [tell him that]."
While she said she hates soul patches, she admitted she isn't completely against the idea of facial hair. "No…I like it. You’ve got to commit [to growing a mustache]. You can’t just be like, ‘Let me now do a little one,’" she said, laughing.
Justin shared his plans to grow out his facial hair on Twitter earlier this month. "I'm not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache... I'm pumped," he told his fans. The tweet was sent out on March 5, and he's got less than two weeks left in the month, so Selena shouldn't worry too much. It seems her plight is almost over.
Aside from the facial hair chatter, Selena also opened up about everyone wanting to know every detail about her relationship with the Biebs. "I get it. You know what’s funny? I did a movie with Katie Cassidy. But when I was 12, I hated her because she dated Jesse McCartney… I was in love with Jesse McCartney," she recalled. "And he was with Katie Cassidy, and it was the end of the world for me. I actually didn’t [tell her at the time]… We’re about to do a bunch of press together [for 'Monte Carlo'] so I’m sure the story will come out. And I love her, she’s the sweetest thing ever."

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