Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exclusive Video: Oh Land Dishes On Kooky Shopping Habits, Onstage Style And Tutus?!

Oh, Oh Land. Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh Land. Don't you just want to be best of friends with this Danish singer? She's so the girl from out of town who starts school halfway though the semester and is so nice to you in the cafeteria because she has no idea that she registers much higher on the popularity pecking order and then is STILL nice to you once she figures it all out. Plus, she doesn't even ask for her cut-up T-shirt that you borrowed back. The one that you're just WAITING on summer to bust out so all your camp friends will be SLAYED by the coolness that doesn't belong to you at all. :( 
ANYWAYS, the former, formally trained ballet dancer and our current obsession has a crazy-making confidence and enigmatic charm that make rainbow colored unicorn babies with gigantic shiny eyes feel ordinary and like they have nothing interesting to say. Blessedly, Oh Land's friendly enough to share her secrets on how to be so pretty. Out of the goodness of her heart. And so we don't envy rage and cry off our makeup at our desks with feeble shaking fists. Close. Call. Check her out and watch her be super diplomatic about how she feels about ballet trends.

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