Sunday, March 20, 2011

Justin Bieber's Hair Sold For More Than $40,000

Apparently, Justin Bieber's hair is worth more than a college education (public school, at least), the average teacher's salary in Columbia, Missouri, and a brand-new 2011 Steeda Sport Edition Ford Mustang. That's clear now that a lock of the 17-year-old's hair has been auctioned off for $40,668 to, an online casino that often makes celebrity auction bids.
Bieber's hair was put up for auction on eBay following his appearance on "Ellen," where the young musician delivered his cut-off locks to Ellen Degeneres and her staff. The hefty price paid by the casino (directly from their "gimmick advertising" budget) will go to a good cause though. The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue organization, gets every penny.

Still, it's incredible that the price got that high, even for the hair of the young musician/movie star/Usher's cyborg performer. Even more incredible is that Bieber's hair sold for so much more than other famous people's hair. Like:

+ Michael Jackson: In October 2009, "a dozen strands of Michael Jackson's hair, which were singed as he filmed a Pepsi ad in Los Angeles 25 years ago, sold for £1,140 at an auction." (That's $1,857 U.S. dollars.)
Why Bieber's hair got more: MJ might have been the King of Pop, but does he have more than 7,822,208 Twitter followers? No!

+ Elvis Presley: Also in October 2009, "A clump of hair believed to have been trimmed from Elvis Presley's head when he joined the Army in 1958 has sold for $15,000 at a Chicago auction house."
Why Bieber's hair got more: Sure, Elvis was an iconic performer who inspired legions of creepy impersonators, but did he ever star in a 3-D movie? No!

+ Napoleon Bonaparte: In June 2010, A lock of hair cut from Napoleon Bonaparte's head after he died sold for U.S. $13,000 at an auction in New Zealand.
Why Bieber's hair got more: Napoleon might have led the nation of France in a series of wars named for him, but does he have a YouTube video with more than 470,000,000 views? No!

Bieber doesn't take the cake for highest selling hair ever, though: In October 2007, a lock of hair (and some other items, including unpublished photos) from socialist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara sold to a Houston-area bookstore owner for $119,500.

Of course, Guevara needed those "other things" to get to $119K. Just imagine how much Bieber's hair will fetch after he leads a revolution.
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