Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Band In The World

Everyone will ask, what is the best band in the world?
what may Metallica??, Guns n 'Roses?, what the Beatles?
Opinions of people of all different according to taste ... ..

If you want to know the best band in the world, this is the formation ....
 Vocalist Axl Rose as
Axl Rose is the world's best vocalists of all time. singer Guns n 'Roses has a unique and distinctive voice. He can also scream in a tone that is very high for a long time
Slash as a Lead Guitar
Slash is suitable incorporated in this formation, because the skills he has. He can play the guitar with a melody that is very touching, like the song Guns n 'Roses November Rain. And he also can play the guitar with a very fast and good. Slash is the best!
James Hetfield as Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
  James Hetfield is very fitting in make rhythm guitar. He isis the lead singer of the most influential metal bands in the world ,Metallica . He has great skill, playing guitar while singing
  Bassist Cliff Burton as
Cliff Burton can play bass with a very fast like playing the guitar melody. mantab!
 Drummer Joey Jordison as
Drummer metal band Slipknot has the ability to play drums is remarkable. Joey could also play drums in reverse. AMAZING

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