Sunday, March 27, 2011

The beginning to now "Guns n roses"

Guns N 'Roses New

New Members:Axl Rose - lead vocals, piano (1985-present)Bumblefoot - lead guitar (2006-present)Robin Finck - lead guitar (1997-present)Richard Fortus - rhythm guitar (2002-present)Tommy Stinson - bass guitar (1998-present)Brian Mantia - drums (2000-present)Dizzy Reed - keyboards, piano (1990-present)Chris Pitman - keyboards, programming (1998-present)Ron "Bumblefoot" thalDJ AshbaFrank Ferrer

Background information:Origin: Los Angeles, California, USAGenre: Hard rock, heavy metalYears active: 1985-present
Axl RoseActive: March 1985-presentRegular instruments: lead vocals, piano, backing vocalsOccasional instruments: keyboards, synthesizers, rhythm guitar, percussion, sound effectsRelease contributions: all Guns N 'Roses releasesDizzy ReedActive: February 1990-presentRegular instruments: keyboards, piano, backing vocalsOccasional instruments: synthesizers, organ, clavinetRelease contributions: Use Your Illusion I (1991), Use Your Illusion II (1991), "The Spaghetti Incident?" (1993), "Sympathy for the Devil" (1994), "Oh My God" (1999), Chinese Democracy (2008)Tommy StinsonActive: March 1998-presentRegular instruments: bassOccasional instruments: backing vocalsRelease contributions: "Oh My God" (1999), Chinese Democracy (2008)Chris PitmanActive: May 1998-presentRegular instruments: keyboards, sub-bassOccasional instruments: bass, backing vocals, synthesizers, programming, twelve-string guitar, mellotronRelease contributions: "Oh My God" (1999), Chinese Democracy (2008)Richard FortusActive: July 2002-presentInstruments: rhythm guitarRelease contributions: Chinese Democracy (2008)Ron "Bumblefoot" thalActive: May 2006-presentInstruments: lead guitarRelease contributions: Chinese Democracy (2008)Frank FerrerActive: October 2006-presentInstruments: drumsRelease contributions: Chinese Democracy (2008)DJ AshbaActive: February 2009-presentInstruments: lead guitarRelease contributions: none

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