Friday, March 25, 2011

Artist Photos Sexy Olla Ramlan 'Sexy Party'

Perfectionist, Olla Ramlan No More Singing

The flurry of press, make Olla Ramlan can not take all the work coming. Had to try the world of drag votes, Olla Ramlan eventually chose to focus on acting.

"No chance, kept shooting again, soap operas first. So can not consent to it (the world of drag votes)," said ex-wife Alex is when met at Dahsyat RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday.

Also according to girl, there are still not confident of whack when it must perform in front of the crowd to sing. Olla Ramlan actually want to exercise her vocal first in order to overcome this lack of confidence.

"Still not confident hell, would also not sempet vocal exercises, wrote in the future we see how," Olla Ramlan said.

This beautiful woman is also not a person who is not serious in doing the work. So she did not want to jump in the world to sing because she thinks there are many more good singers.

"Shame, still embarrassed. Many great singers, great. Because I like to see someone of his perfect performance. I'm the one perfectionist, it is less serious if not okay. Later when it's really the intention. I'm not confident," Olla Ramlan concluded.

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