Friday, March 25, 2011

Artist Photos Reynavenzka Deyandra "Sexy Style"

Probably no one expected If Reynavenzka Deyandra (17) is the girl in the senior high school class 3. Can So, the girl who frequently appears on the screen play is suspected in a number of FTV has been aged over 20, however, although still young, Reynavenzka turned out to have the courage to be different, mainly played in her films. The girl who was chosen as a model girl teen magazine in 2008 This could not refuse if offered appear blkini.

How much courage Reynavenzka using a bikini? Yes use a bikini, as long as reasonable and in accordance with the place, no problem. Like yesterday I was playing a movie instead just wear underwear only, like a bikini. But, It's in the bathroom. So, where appropriate, "she said when met in the shower movie Taring, in Cikini, Central Jakarta, Friday night.

One thing is for sure, Reynavenzka will reject if the scene using the bikini was already excessive. Or if his offer was to use bikini while intimate scene. Girls bertlnggi 169 and 47 kg weight is asserted, a scene that only vulgar indulgence in something that will not do.

Not rebuffed by Reynavenzka mind that there are war stories when there are scenes in the scenario where she should wear underwear only. The play that could be passed if there is support for many people and not many people who saw the scene when filming.

"I was not a problem If you can not role, than I was playing roles that are imposed. As the scene is more intimate and much more, I think I can not. The limited natural course. Because, I just wanted to foray into the entertainment world with good conditions and proprorsional. Pas again shooting wear underwear that's not many people around me. who needs only to take pictures affairs. And in the scene That I also do not own, there is another girl, "says the girl who also played in the movie Toilet 105.

Want Not picky about the role or film has to offer, the girl's full name Reynavenzka Retnoayu Deyandra can only be convinced If you've read the movie story line and who became the director. "If not a movie that's just basically spit kevulgaran already be out of the plot, and of course the director also was able to outsmart how the scene is done." said the girl who claims often get confused because the girl's role as an adult is.

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