Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Does Angelina Jolie's New Tattoo Mean?

If you know every detail of Angelina Jolie's body, as I do, then you know that she has a series of coordinates tattooed on her upper left arm. The coordinates supposedly correspond to the birthplaces of her children. She started with four that pointed to Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia and Vietnam. Up until a few days ago she had six and now she has seven. This is what we call, in all caps, BREAKING TATTOO NEWS.
The latest tattoo has sparked a round of speculation about whether another child is joining the Jolie-Pitt brood. That seems like a pretty logical assumption since the coordinates point to Algeria and Brad and Angelina need an Arab baby to complete their child-version of the UN. But let's not jump to any conclusions. That's clearly not the only possible meaning of the tattoo. Angelina is an eccentric (remember this?); that tattoo could mean anything. Here are a few options that are still in the running:
+ It's the seventh clue in a series of clues that lead to a treasure chest full of vials of her blood.
+ It's where Brad parked the car the last time the family went to Disneyland.
+ It doesn't commemorate the birthplace of the child, it commemorates the place where a different family lost its child.
+ Like the other coordinate tattoos, it points to Angelina's favorite street food cart in each country.
+ Like the other coordinate tattoos, it points to a country that will one day be ruled by a Jolie-Pitt child and therefore join a worldwide alliance of nations ruled by Queen Angelina.
Any other ideas? Or do you think it's just another baby (BOR-ING)?

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