Friday, April 1, 2011

T-ara failed outfit regulations again, this time for ‘Inkigayo

T-ara continue to have problems with dress regulations imposed by the program of music events - the staff they were forced to rush out again to buy leggings at the last minute on this day on "Inkigayo".

Just as with the "Music Bank", T-ara clothes was denied on the basis of 'inaccuracy'. The group was forced to wear a double layered stockings, as the representative of SBS information of their staff, "They should not wear leggings stockings."

In the end, the agency representative of T-ara should quickly run to the nearest mart and take seven pairs of legs stockings one hour before their live performance. Fortunately, staff members made ​​it back in time just before they did perform "Why Are You Being Like This"

"Rule Clothes for girl groups, reinforced recently. For 'YaYaYa' performance of their Music Bank, KBS said the pants that they use too expose their skin, and as a result they have to wear tights underneath, "explained the representative.

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