Monday, April 4, 2011

Solo career, Sammy Free from Pressure Relief

JAKARTA - Fired from Kerispatih, Sammy decided to go solo.Sammy claimed relief because there was no pressure as he haddone with Keri Hilson.
"Currently I have no pressure like a baseball first. Because now Iown and decide for yourself. So much plong only," I'm Sammyfound in EX Plaza, Central Jakarta, Monday (04/04/2011) night.
Free from the pressure that's what makes Sammy eagerlyprepares solo album. Moreover, Sammy assisted a number ofmusicians such as Andi Rianto, Bongky working on his album.
"There's a song my own creation, any creation mas Andi, thenthere is also cooperation with Bongky and multiply. So my spiritreally because many want to bantuin. Because this is a soloproject, so I'm free nentuin what I want without having to negotiateagain, "he explained.
As is known, in a drug case he underwent the trial first, Sammy Kerispatih unload bad management. One of them, paid as avocalist Sammy smaller than other personnel. In addition, Sammyis also forbidden to be too prominent at the band's singer Mengenangmu perform in front of the mass media.
Above that pressure, Sammy vent with drugs until finally caught.Sammy was sentenced to one year in prison and under going rehabilitation at a rehabilitation center owned by BNN in Lido,Sukabumi, West Java. (ang)

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