Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nose Lee Hyori be an option

Artist Lee Hyori Korean woman ordained as a celebrity who has the face shape of the most enviable. Even the shape of her nose into options Korean women who want to undergo plastic surgery.

Thus the results of a survey of a plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Based on the survey results, Lee Hyori ranks first with 53.5 percent of the poll, followed by Song Hye Gyo with 21.8 percent and Lee Min Jung with 20.4 percent.

"Lee Hyori who obtained the first position as an artist with the most beautiful nose, a nose line is firm and smooth. And also, the tip of the nose has a 35 degree angle where it makes the other Asian people who see it become like him.'s nose right from Lee Hyori are in the middle of his face, making a face that sempurnam proportion, "said the director of the places that provide services such plastic surgery.

After that the director went on to discuss two other people. "Song Hye Gyo has a slightly rounded nose, but in the end it seems spiky and giving cute image. Lee Min Jung has a chubby but pointy nose, his nose seemed to give a modern impression," he added.

"Lee Hyori, Song Hye Gyo, Lee Min Jung all have a line of nose and nasal that is formed. All three have the appeal and attraction,"he concluded.

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