Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Mother Superior Gisele Bundchen expecting another saintly child?

These are some new photos of Gisele Bundchen in Istanbul, Turkey, launching a new collection of her Ipanema sandals. The sandals are Gisele’s own invention - I believe that a chunk of the proceeds from the sales go to one of Gisele’s environmental causes. That’s all well and good. Now tell me this: is Gisele looking kind of pregnant to anyone else? I asked CB to look and she thinks that Gisele looks “too full” for it to be just a food baby or whatever. My thoughts: Gisele is always skinny as a rail, and her stomach - even post-natal - was always super-flat. So either Gisele really enjoyed the hell out of the food in Istanbul, or Mother Superior is expecting another saintly blessing.

Meanwhile, you know how Tom Brady and Gisele are all “Bostonian” right? Well, several months ago they bought a huge chunk of land in LA, and they’ve been building their dream home out there. You can see photos of the place here and here - it’s still under construction, but it’s HUGE. So much for the environment, right? The place is 22.000-square feet, and includes eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a spa, weight room, wine cellar and a BRIDGE. Also, sources claim that Gisele is “really tough to work with, screaming at the construction workers whenever she disapproved of their work.” Well… I guess it’s their money, they can spend it how they want.
And my guess is that Mother Superior is going to need all of those bedrooms for all of the babies she’s going to be having! Starting with this one:

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