Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally, Mystery Candidate Status Sheila Marcia Husband Revealed

Sheila Marcia Joseph will marry Kiki Mirano. Kiki coloring confusion marital status was happy news. Sheila's lawyer asserted, Kiki was never married, but called singletons. How come?
Sheila's attorney, Juan Ferry elicit, Kiki was never married to another woman before she met Sheila. However, now officially divorced.

"Regarding the status of Kiki is her widower. He was a widower for divorce in a way other religions. So to say, Kiki was single because it had never recorded marriage in the church. If, in our religion, Catholicism, if married in a church should not be divorced. Only death can separate and get married only once in a lifetime, "beber Ferry.

Since news of the engagement and wedding plans Sheila lively discussion with Kiki, Kiki's status a concern. Because the drummer for Cannonball is touted not yet officially divorced from his wife, Siska Cannonball vocalist.

Especially in the registration of marriage to the Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit Cathedral of Denpasar, Kiki who include a letter from the Baptist Catholic Church in Semarang, Central Java, claim to have never married. In fact, from the marriage with Siska, Kiki has a child.

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