Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 Potions Beauty Custom

Air temperature during the day that the higher can make you beautiful skin look dull and dark. If looks like this could certainly make you less confident.
To fix this, no need to undergo expensive treatments in beauty clinics. You can mix potions beauty of the materials easily found at home.
Start your day with fresh shiny faces after undergoing treatment homemade concoction. When not busy in the morning, it never hurts to try. Here are the types of treatments you can do at home, as quoted by page Idiva.
1. Antidote to dull skinYou do not like to bother to go to a dermatologist for skin whitening? Try this type of treatment to counteract dullness by the sun. Mix milk with flour to form smooth paste. Squeeze lemon juice on it on pasta. Lemon juice can make your skin look brighter. Use as a mask. The skin becomes more glowing.
2. Youthful skinPapaya is not only good for digestive health, but also for the skin. Puree papaya young outmeal add as a natural scrub. Add the egg white on the dough. You would be amazed with your skin a more toned and younger looking.
3. Softens skinSunlight often makes the skin dry. Use cucumbers and almonds for just went. Blend all these ingredients and then mix the cold milk to taste. Use the mixture as a mask. Your skin becomes soft and super fresh.
4. Special care for aging skinIf the signs of aging have been looking at your skin, quickly take the potatoes and olahlah. Raw potato puree so that it becomes dough shaped pasta. For those of you who have a combination skin type, mix the orange juice in the potato pasta.
However, if you have dry skin, add fresh cream to the pasta. Use a regular basis, you will see changes in the skin.
5. Beautiful glowMake a paste of apple or tomato, then mix with honey. This is a great mask for oily skin. Substance in tomatoes and apples can give a red hue glow to the face. You will look fresh.

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