Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Those Dancing Days Daydreams And Nightmares

Charming Swedish indie pop with a twist of electronica is the 5-piece girl group that makes up Those Dancing Days. Signed to the celebrated Wichita Recordings Daydreams and Nightmare is their 2nd album. With elements of Metric, JJ72 and even Avril Lavigne, yes the band flirt that much with pop circles, there is plenty to intrigue but as an album whole it at times leans to the forgettable.

Opener Reaching Forward is a Unicorn dancing through a night of speeding drums, hiding under a bridge of Sunburn Muse like guitars before opening up on to the plane of The Golden Filter. With creeping aspects of Warpaint Dream About You has a distinctive quality that sadly fades into a dreary chorus. To the right ears it’s a subtle indie pop delight but to many it will grate.

With it’s hypnotic drum beat Help Me Close My Eyes is a Bat for Lashes meets Goldfrapp love in, complimented by a chorus that floats gently along the surface of Marina & The Diamond’s world of skipping colours.

So at times joyous, at times a little dull one fears for the longevity of the group. Forest of Love takes a twist on the indie pop sound, stepping up the game to chase down Scanners on a cold Camden night, it’s moments like these that suggest promise.

Bound to divide opinion, the album is served well by repeat listens and an interesting closing quarter, it’s certainly worth spinning the disc…
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