Sunday, March 20, 2011

T. Kyle's Kolumn: Britney Spears 'Femme Fatale' Promotional Appearances Announced!

You guys! I am so excited right now I can't stop dancing in my chair! No... not just because tomorrow is Friday (Friday), but because Britney Spears just announced three new promotional events for Femme Fatale! Mark your calendars B-fans:

March 29:
Good Morning America Performance from San Francisco
MTV's Britney Spears Take-Over Day
April 2:
Appearance at Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards
In addition to these two dates, Britney will be making "several appearances" on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show the week of Femme Fatale's release!

And to bring all you late-to-the-partyers up to date: Britney has begun filming the music video for her second single, "Till The World Ends" in Los Angeles. (Shall I make another GIF Wall similar to ones for "Hold It Against Me" when it's finally out?) And, oh yeah, Femme Fatale has been leaking tracks faster than a broken faucet.
PLUS: Britney's interview with Rolling Stone magazine was released this morning! Read a little excerpt after the jump.
What was your idea for the overall sound of this album?
I wanted to make a fresh-sounding album for the clubs or something that you play in your car when you're going out at night that gets you excited, but I wanted it to sound different from everything else out right now. I also wanted to experiment with all the different types of music I love, which is why you hear a mixture of pop, hip-hop and dance throughout the album. I also really wanted to play with my voice and change up my sound here and there, which was really fun.
What led to your collaboration with What was it like working with him?
The Peas make incredibly catchy, fun pop/dance records, and I LOVE's style. I have always wanted to do a song with him and would love to work with him more in the future. He is so interesting.

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