Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sarah Harding planning Las Vegas hen do

Sarah, 29, who is engaged to DJ Tom Crane, wants a huge celebration in Sin City with all her bandmates attending.

Speaking to the Daily Star, a source said: "Sarah wants a raucous hen weekend in Las Vegas with a selection of her most loyal girlfriends.

"A full on girlie blow-out is the perfect way for Sarah to bow out of her partying days."

But while she will be hitting the bars, clubs and casinos, her fiancé is planning a quieter affair for his stag do somewhere in the English countryside.

The source added: "Tom's inner circle is planning a traditional country retreat for his friends and brother.

"The weekend will involve them getting dressed up in proper attire before spending time fishing, shooting and hunting. But there will still be plenty of boozing in the evenings."

Although they know what they are doing for their respective parties, the couple are said to be in disagreement over the type of nuptials they want.

Tom would reportedly prefer a "subtle English wedding", while Sarah is keen on having the ceremony "in a gothic castle".

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