Friday, March 25, 2011

Dara Rizki Ruhiana ( Dara the virgin)

Place & Date of Birth:
Tasikmalaya, August 9, 1991


Full Name:
Dara Rizki Ruhiana

Dara Dara or The Virgin is an Indonesian singer. He is a vocalist duo of The Virgin Group, which also includes Mita. Dara has an official fan club is familiarly called Dara Loverz and often abbreviated to DLZ. Dara is the eldest of 3 brothers, the daughter of the couple Asep Ruhiat and Nunung Mardiana. Dara started his career as a singer to audition Mamamia Show 2008 with her ​​mother. In a televised singing contest this Indosiar Dara then met with musician Ahmad Dhani, who then became one of the jury or executioner. Dhani was immediately fell in love on the appearance of Dara. When commenting on Dara, Dhani had promised to take her to the kitchen recording. Not long ago, Dara and then frozen out of the 9 major Mamamia. Dhani also kept his promise and introduced Dara with Mita, a female guitarist in the Rock. Eventually forming the duo The Virgin at the end of 2008. The first single released is "Forbidden Love".

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