Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Latest Hairtrends for 2009

You’ve been staring at a hairstyle magazine for an hour now but still haven’t decided what would be your next ‘look’? Would you like to get a perm, a trim or just have to grow your hair? If you can’t decide, here are some simple guidelines that you may follow for the hair trend in 2009. The convenient hairstyle for medium haircuts are the shag cut and sedu hairstyle or just let it loose or have a ponytail and accessorize it. Another great haircut for this year is the side-swept bangs style. For girls with thin hair, a layered haircut is just perfect so as the V cut.

For ladies who have oval or square-shaped face who would like to be experimental, the short bob is recommended while the curly bob is what’s best for those with round face. If you would like your flabby and rounded face to create a thin and long effect, go for the angled bob cut but if you’ve got really thick hair, this is a big no-no or you’ll end up wearing a wig. Whatever haircut or hairstyle you go for, the important thing is that you feel good, comfortable and confident with it.

Short hairstyle 2009

Medium length Hairstyle

Long Straight Hairstyle

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